OU Kickoff Return Reverse Penalty

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 8, 2023
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The Red River rivalry seems to always provide plenty of excitement. This year’s matchup between unbeaten Oklahoma and Texas lived up to the bill again. Congratulations to Oklahoma who won the football game despite a bad day with special teams. The play we want to look at today is the OU kickoff return reverse that was called back because the ball was pitched forward.

As we mentioned Oklahoma struggled throughout the game on special teams. In addition to giving up a fake punt for a first down they also had a punt blocked for a touchdown prior to their kickoff return reverse. Before we go any further, it’s not our intention to bust anyone’s chops. However to help you with a few tips if you decide to run a kickoff return reverse.

Most people do not understand or appreciate how hard it is to time up a kickoff return reverse. You think timing up a jet sweep is hard? Try timing up a handoff or toss between two players who don’t have the ball in their hands on this kind of exchange very much. There’s a lot that goes into this trick play.

Here Are A Few Things To Think About When You Call A Kickoff Return Reverse

Also consider the fact that the ball will start where ever the kicker kicks the ball. It could be short kick, a deep kick. It could be a high or low kick. The kickoff return ball may be received anywhere across the 53 and a third yard wide field. This is why good special teams coaches will abort the reverse if the kick lands in an unusual spot on the field.

Finally, you have a play where two players are running for 20 to 30 yards directly at each other. As they intersect they are supposed to execute a clean hand off or pitch. This happens as ten players on the other team are baring down on them. Starting to get our point? Still want to call a kickoff return reverse in your next game?

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It can be done but it takes a lot of work, particularly for the two players handling the ball. It will take extra practice time on their part to get the timing and execution down to perfection. In the video below we take you some of the coaching points and clinic help we offer you in FirstDown PlayBook. So if you decide to dial up a kickoff return reverse this season give yourself every opportunity to teach it with detail.

Lane Powell