Over 50 Youth Football & Flag Football Drills

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 2, 2023
Youth Football Help & Flag Football Help

One of the first things an inexperienced Pop Warner youth football or NFL Flag football coach looks for are drills they can run to get their practices started. More importantly youth football drills and flag football drills that will improve their young developing players.

It is important to note that not all drills are created equally. A good football drill will have a practical application in a football game. It is not unusual to watch a football practice and see a coach moving their players through an activity, not a drill.

We call it that because once the game starts the players never use that activity in a game. It’s kind of like working a drill for isolation blocking and you run a spread offense. The drill is fine but has no practical application if you don’t even play with a fullback. FirstDown PlayBook understands all of this. That is why we go a step further with our 50 plus drills you will find in the playbook.

Every FirstDown PlayBook Youth Football & Flag Football Drill Has Coaching Points

Every one of our youth football drills and flag football drills are tagged by what position they should be used for. Sometimes the drills you use for offense should be different than the flag football drills you use for defense. This helps a young inexperienced coach get to the drills they are looking for quickly.

Youth Football Drills & Flag Football Drills In FirstDown PlayBook

Too Many Flag Football Coaches Make It Harder Than It Needs To Be

We also provide coaching notes detailing what equipment is needed. This is an often overlooked part of drills that can make them a confusing circus. Understanding what equipment is needed and how to set up the drill is sometimes half the battle. Some of the drills are actually provided by Angellica Grayson who is doing great work for the Chargers spreading the word about NFL Flag football in California.

There are step by step instructions in the coaching points section. These will allow you to actually understand the drill before you ever run your drill circuit on the field. This not only ensures improvement but safety as well. Of course we have flag football plays, youth football plays and defenses too as you will see below. FirstDown PlayBook is a one stop resource for coaches including wristband sheets.

12 NFL Flag Football Formations Suggested By Real NFL Coaches

Take a quick look at this 50 second video to see how you can find this helpful youth football and flag football section in FirstDown PlayBook.

FirstDown PlayBook offers you 12 different youth football formations too. You should consider one or two of these for your Pop Warner offense. Tap on any one of the tiles below to visit the article describing that formation. Then get on over to FirstDown PlayBook to get busy coaching your Pop Warner team with the best football playbook available!

Angellica Grayson works hard to promote flag football including NFL Flag