Introducing FastBreak PlayBook

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 27, 2022
FirstDown PlayBook is a Digital Football Playbook Tool

PlayBook Tech Inc has been hinting around at this for quite awhile now but it’s finally time to formally announce that we are launching a basketball playbook next month. That’s right. The folks who brought you FirstDown PlayBook are soon going to be offering you FastBreak PlayBook.

The idea remains the same. Right now we have college and professional basketball players and coaches who are creating plays for FastBreak PlayBook. Soon you will have the ability to go into this digital playbook and find plays for all levels of basketball.

FastBreak PlayBook Launch

Once you get inside of our vast and ever growing library of basketball plays and defensive help you will be able to edit FastBreak PlayBook content just like you can in FirstDown PlayBook. You will be able to organize your plays and playbooks in a similar fashion as well.

Here is where it gets even better. We want you to help us as we launch this basketball new product. “How?” you ask. Well, we want you to use it for free. That’s right. We know many of you are just about to get started with your basketball seasons. When we launch FastBreak PlayBook in November we want to get it in your hands for free!

We want to take the same approach with FastBreak PlayBook that we have with FirstDown PlayBook. The absolute best feedback we can get will be from you, the basketball coach. This way we can be constantly improving your basketball playbook throughout the months of November and December.

One last thing before we sign off. We know that many of you coach football and basketball. This is obviously a great opportunity for you to check out FastBreak PlayBook for free. We also want to encourage you to share this information with anyone who you know who coaches basketball. We want as many basketball coaches as possible to take advantage of this great free opportunity.

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