New 7on7 Football Package Available Now!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 2, 2021

FirstDown PlayBook is excited to announce that we have launched a new 7on7 football package. This is a direct response to the many high school and youth football coaches who use FirstDown PlayBook. Coaches have shown a lot of interest in a subscription tailored for those who want to work on the pass game during the football off-season.

Of course, football season is far from over for some coaches, however, some states are already into their high school playoffs. FirstDown PlayBook has just added one more option to your growing list of plans designed to help football coaches at all levels. Coaches will still have access to the existing packages including youth football, tackle football and flag football.

Here are some of the features for your new FirstDown PlayBook 7on7 Football package

  1. Over thousands of pass plays drawn by NFL coaches with quarterback reads & coaching points.
  2. Technology that allows coaches to edit these plays & create their own custom plays & playbooks.
  3. Coaches can use that very same technology to create their own 7on7 football plays from scratch.
  4. Coaches can find pass plays by formation, concepts and even the coverage they are trying to beat.
  5. We provide 5 defensive coverages including , cover 1, 2, 3 and two separate quarters coverages.

Now Create Your Own Custom Route Concepts

Watch this short video as we explain the details of your new 7on7 football package. Don’t forget. You can also take a free look at FirstDown PlayBook by signing up for a free demo. You can go back to the top of this article and get started now!