Create Your Custom Route Concepts

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 25, 2022

You can now create your own custom route concepts on FirstDown PlayBook. This is a huge plus for you coaches who like to wear out your favorite concepts over the course of a football season. This now gives you the ability to quickly pair different concepts on each side of the ball.

Most passing game minds work like this. It is very common (and smart) to put a cover 2 beater on one side of the formation. Then you incorporate a cover 3 beater on the other side. Your quarterback now reads middle of the field open or closed to decide the half of the field to work.

The new FirstDown PlayBook “My Templates” area will allow you to have your favorite half field concepts sitting there waiting for you as you put together your passing game for that week. As you will see in this video, you can also create three man concepts too. Allowing you to create your own custom route concepts gives you complete control of your passing game

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The example we use in the video is with a three receiver look. However, you could also incorporate your protection back into your template area. The best passing game minds in the business always want to know what side the protection back can get out to. The protection must be part of the picture. It is often the case that if the back doesn’t get out, the concept’s effectiveness is diminished.

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Now here is a key part of this. It’s the spring and you have plenty of time to get your templates set up now. This is so important because it will be a critical asset on those late nights in the fall. Instead of drawing your routes up, you are going to just put your concepts together. The time and energy saved here is hard to put a value on. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s look at the short 2 minute video to get started.