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By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 18, 2023
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It’s common knowledge that FirstDown PlayBook is made up of NFL coaches who love football. We also love to draw football plays. However, it is also very satisfying when we see other football coaches use FirstDown PlayBook. These coaches use it to communicate with their team or the general public. Our friends “Move The Chains” over on Twitter are a great example. They have absolutely exploded on Twitter after they began providing detailed play drawings with short video clips.


We know that Twitter offers up a lot of different content, and yes some of it is pretty much garbage. However, there are contributors on Twitter that give you insight into the world of football that can be useful. Even if you are not a coach, this information can be entertaining and helpful with understanding the game of football. The best of the best are using play drawings and video to teach.

“Move The Chains” Has Just Exploded Over On Twitter

Move The Chains On Twitter

One of the true measures about how effective Move The Chains (Twitter handle @_MoveTheChains_) has been is the number of retweets and likes they get. These come as they take the time to provide a detailed play drawing with a video clip. Sound familiar? Yes, that is the same thing that we are going to allow coaches to do here in the next few weeks right on FirstDown PlayBook. At the end of the day, Move The Chains is teaching coaches and the public on Twitter just like you teach your players.

How effective and popular has Move The Chains been? When is the last time you posted something on twitter and received 930 likes and 62 retweets? Twitter is not the only place that you can enjoy and learn from Move the Chains either. They have an email list that we would recommend. If you click on this link it will take you to where you can sign up. There are also others, like Honest NFL who are using FirstDown PlayBook to teach thousands of people every day too.

FirstDown PlayBook Is Not In The Business Of Fleecing Your Program

Move The Chains On Twitter

Back to our original point. It is a strong reinforcement to us here at FirstDown PlayBook when we see this. We know there are others out there who are fleecing college and high school programs, over charging them thousands of dollars for less than we offer at a fraction of the cost. The path FirstDown PlayBook has chosen is different. We are going to provide the best playbook tool available to everyone at a very low price.

Regardless of if you use FirstDown PlayBook to coach your team or if you use it on Twitter, like Move The Chains, we are your best football playbook resource. This is why we let people try it for free. We want you to put your hands on it to see for yourself. In the meantime, if you want to see how someone using FirstDown PlayBook can get thousands of people to pay attention, head on over to Twitter. Check out Move The Chains. Seeing is believing.

Rusty Wright