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By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 27, 2022
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Anyone who has followed the progress of FirstDown PlayBook over the past decade knows that we value effective teaching methods. We consider coaches to be teachers first. After that, we get that they wear a variety of other hats. This is why we are so excited to announce that FirstDown PlayBook video pairing is under construction. This has been on our “to do” for more than a minute.

FirstDown PlayBook has always endorsed teaching and installing your plays, defenses and special teams schemes with multiple mediums. Of course, we believe that it always starts with a play drawing. If a football coach skips over the play drawing to get right to video, they are asking for almost certain trouble. However, we have never suggested that a football playbook should stand alone as the installation tool of choice either. There are several proven methods for installing your system.

We believe that the progression should go something like this. First a play drawing then video. After that there should be a walk through before the required full speed practice. Following this, there should be corrections made on the field as the players execute their assignments. Once the coaches and players come in from practice, the video should be studied and more corrections and reinforcement for proper execution should take place. Finally, we believe a written test prior to game day is an effective way to understand the players’ level of preparedness.

Coaches Will Now Install In One Place With FirstDown PlayBook Video Pairing

Video Pairing

Once again, this brings us back to why we are so pumped about the FirstDown PlayBook video pairing. This will allow a coach to use the superior playbook technology FirstDown PlayBook offers. You can also use the video clip of your choice right on the FirstDown PlayBook website. This will go a long way towards solving the problems most of you are having with your video provider’s version of a playbook tool. You are being forced to use an inferior playbook teaching tool just to have the video access they offer. Not any more.

To be clear, we are not getting into the video exchange business. We will let Hudl, Qwikcuts and others handle that. They do a good job with video. Playbooks…not so much. We hear this from you every day as you are forced to use an inadequate playbook resource. Only because it comes as part of your video package. Those days are over. Now the FirstDown PlayBook video paring tool will allow you to do it right where your plays, playbooks, installations and practice tools exist. Here is a key point, Team members will get this at no extra cost.

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So keep your head on a swivel as this will be in your hands early in 2023. If you are going to be in Charlotte for the AFCA convention, be sure to stop by our booth and ask us about it too. We will show you this and several other new things that you will be excited about for 2023.

Rusty Wright