Honest NFL Is A Deep Football Dive

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 9, 2023
Never Lose Your Work

Anyone who has followed “Honest NFL” over on Twitter understands that it is not for a casual fan, or casual coach for that matter. You are going to get a drink of water with a firehose. There is a lot of information with every tweet and it is very detailed. That’s why FirstDown PlayBook likes it.

The great thing about the availability of social media is that it is open to all. Likewise, the bad thing is it is hard finding intelligent, experienced content is that is open to all. There is so much out there that is, at best, not very thorough, at worst, it is just flat ass bad or wrong.

Honest NFL is an example of how someone can use their career experience to educate others. By others, we mean anyone and everyone who wants to understand football at a higher level. Whereas, understanding the basic concept of an RPO is not a higher level by the way.

Honest NFL Takes You Into The Game Planning Room Like No Other We Have Seen

The detail and granular explanation that you get on Honest NFL’s Twitter feed reminds us of the long hours we used to put in as an NFL coach. Every week of preparation was full of detailed study about pass protection and run game plays for every situation. Sometimes it works perfectly on game day and some times it does not. That’s why FirstDown PlayBook has so much respect for game preparation.

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Honest NFL

If you have never seen Honest NFL’s Twitter feed, understand that this has been a very good fall for him. You see, he is a Philadelphia Eagles guy all the way. Subsequently, you will get insight into what the Eagles and anyone who has coached for the Eagles in the past is doing on any given Sunday. This week’s Super Bowl between the Eagles and Chiefs has been chronicled every step of the way by Honest NFL.

So if you are a true football junkie or a football coach who wants to learn football, follow Honest NFL. Just beware, you are not going into the normal shallow water of how to block the power. You are about to get up on the high dive and the landing will be deep.