Make Your Flag Football Plays Personal…

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 9, 2021

There is an old coaching adage that goes something like “All coaching is personal”. It’s a lesson that every football coach should remember regardless of if you are in the NFL or coaching Pop Warner. Today we want to look at how to make your flag football plays personal.

The idea behind this is that you had better be coaching that individual player and not just a group. It’s hard to do. It’s much easier to just address an entire group or unit because it does not take as much time. The example I want to use today focuses on the youth flag football coaches out there.

When you are coaching youth flag football you are typically on the field with your offense and defense. As a play caller you are constantly on the clock. There are many ways FirstDown PlayBook helps you with this including wristbands.

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However, here is another way to communicate with your young flag footballers quickly and efficiently. Make your flag football plays personal. Use your players initials or jersey numbers whenever possible on your drawings.

Use the FirstDown PlayBook text function to put notes right on your drawings. This way you can color code your plays and notes specifically for the players on that particular play. Here is an example.

It’s also a good idea to email your flag football plays/playbooks to your parents ahead of time. The parents may actually have time to help you teach the play before your players even hit the field. Got a special flag football trick play you want to install? Let your players know before they f=get to practice.

Starting to get the picture? This two minute video will spur even more ideas.