Flag Football Hook & Ladder

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 12, 2022

There Are Plenty Of Trick Plays In FirstDown PlayBook Like This Flag Football Hook & Ladder.

Let’s take a look at this flag football hook & ladder today. Yes, we know some of you call it hook & lateral. We all know the play though. The quarterback delivers a perfect strike to the hook route runner. That player then laterals the ball to another receiver coming underneath.

It is such a good play. I remember working for an NFL head coach who said he thought it should be in our base passes every wee. If nothing else it would stop the defensive backs from jumping our hook and curl routes.

There are a lot of different versions of flag football out there and no segment is more diverse than the 7v7 flag football population. You have so many different cross sections of people playing it with so many different rules. This weekend there will be great girls and women flag football on display in Florida and Georgia.

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The Florida high school girls will be crowning a champion and the NAIA woman will be in Atalanta to determine their second championship. Both of these leagues play 7v7 flag with similar if not identical rules. There are adult 7v7 flag rules that are slightly different. This play will be good or all of the above.

There Are Several Versions Of This Flag Football Hook & Ladder In FirstDown PlayBook

The FirstDown PlayBook Draw and Edit Tool has given us a little reprieve from trying to get every single rule down since you coaches can now edit your own plays, but we still try to conform to as many of the different styles we see out there as we can. Note that we have several versions of this play in FirstDown PlayBook.

Today we have taken two 7v7 flag football plays that tie into one another. We also take you through our thought process on how we would install them and coach them. The flag football hook & ladder play we discuss is a bit of a trick play that comes off of the first play. It may or may not be legal in your league but it’s a play that can certainly be modified to fit your team either way!

There Are Plenty Of Trick Plays In FirstDown PlayBook Like This Flag Football Hook & Ladder.