Special Teams NFL Draft : The Silent Cut

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 23, 2024
The NFL Draft can get down to smart special teams picks

Writers write. Fans are fanatical. Most importantly coaches…coach. Coaches understand that most have no clue about the hidden value a player can bring to an NFL club. Especially when it comes to special teams. You would be bored with the detail that goes into an NFL draft. Endless meetings with gown men disagreeing, trying to make the right picks.

There will be a strange pick or two (or several) that you will not understand this weekend. The NFL Draft has become a fan event. Looking at it from the outside, you would think that the fans and media had something to do with it. You do not.

Don’t get me wrong. They hear you but… wisely do not listen to you. The games that you cheer for and throw pillows at the TV about are decided many times with an NFL Draft pick based on the player’s special teams ability. These NFL Draft picks are players who can fill in when you stars are lost for the season to injury and still create game changing plays on special teams.

There’s A Good Chance That NFL Draft Pick You Don’t Understand Can Contribute On Special Teams

The “keepers of football” keep trying to eliminate special teams from the game in the name of safety. There is some relevance to this but we can point out just as many dangerous plays on offense vs defense. It’s mostly because you go to the restroom during a special teams play because you don’t understand it.

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This weekend, during the NFL Draft, when your team picks a player who was not on the ESPN highlight reels that much this past college football season, relax. That player is probably one of two things. A “big ugly” who works in the trenches and most fans are not qualified to have an opinion about. The best bet though is that this is a very talented skill player on defense or offense who can win a game on special teams