Huskies Unbalanced Toss Crack TD

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 5, 2023
FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday

Here at FirstDown PlayBook our favorite All 22 Tuesday plays are the ones that not only offer great execution and production, they also offer teaching moments. That is exactly what this Washington Huskies unbalanced formation toss crack sweep does for us and you.

Offensive coordinators are always looking for a way to “start fast” and get the initial score on the board. This can be easier said than done, especially when you are playing the same team for the second time in a season. Both teams will have each other’s tendencies down cold for the most part.

That is why we like this all 22 Tuesday play so much. There is nothing special about a toss crack sweep, however Washington brilliantly schemed this up with an unexpected unbalanced formation. Kirk Herbstreit points out in the video that the Huskies totally outflanked Oregon but what he fails to mention is just how.

As you will see in the FirstDown PlayBook play diagram and the video, the Ducks were totally caught off guard with this formation. They look to be in 12 or 21 personnel with two receivers and two tight ends. Every skill player was lined up to the field in a four player unbalanced bunch formation. Even the running back was lined up to the bunch.

Oregon looks like they recognized the eligibles for the most part as the backside Huskies tackle was eligible. However what they did not recognize was that Washington had created essentially a six man surface to the field. Oregon did not adjust and had way too much defense to the boundary. Keep in mind that this is against a very well coached Oregon defense too.


This play had six written on it as soon as the ball was snapped. Washington totally sealed the edge as Oregon had inside pressure called too. To add insult to injury the toss crack pulling tackle ended up on a one on one block vs a poor defensive back who had run down inside because he was in man coverage.

Washington Huskies Unbalanced Toss Crack

So hats off to the Washington Huskies for being in the college football playoffs. They beat a very good Oregon Ducks team twice to get there. They even used an old Oregon play to get it done. If I were the Michigan Wolverines I would do my fair share of unbalanced formation recognition before game time arrives.

Chad Johnson Mission Viejo