See The World With Global Football!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 26, 2023

FirstDown PlayBook would like to take a moment today to introduce you to Global Football. Many of you may already know about them. Global Football has been promoting American football and offering coaches and players opportunities to travel abroad while also playing football for over 26 years.

One of the less talked about things associated with our sport is the number of doors the game opens up. This is for young players and coaches alike. This can come in several different forms. One way is the opportunity to see different parts of the world. I can speak from personal experience that the game of football has allowed me to see may parts of our country and overseas that I would not have had an opportunity to otherwise.

Global Football’s founder, Patrick Steenberge has been at this for more than a minute. He has organized student travel experiences to over 28 countries in the the 26 years he has been doing it. He is showing no sign of slowing down either. This summer Global Football is offering an opportunity to travel to the Vatican in Rome for a 7on7 tournament.

Global Football’s Catholic Bowl June 12-19, 2023

When we first heard about what Global Football has dubbed the Catholic Bowl, we immediately wanted to see how FirstDown PlayBook could be a part. The obvious way was to provide 7on7 plays and coaching help to teams from the US traveling over there. We also wanted to work with Patrick and Global Football to provide FirstDown PlayBook to any and all European teams that are participating.

So please allow us to step aside and let this short video explain with more detail. You will see that this is a lifetime experience opportunity that both the players and coaches will never forget. All of Patrick’s information is on the video or you can click here for more information on Global Football.