Help On FirstDown PlayBook? Count The Ways.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 14, 2022
FirstDown PlayBook is the Ultimate Digital Playbook Toolkit!

We’ve all been there. We are using a product and we need help. Help is nowhere to be found. We were determined to not let this be the case with FirstDown PlayBook. Let’s be real. If you can’t find help on FirstDown PlayBook, you just are not trying that hard. We have spend hours and hours making sure that every single page on FirstDown PlayBook offers you some type of “How To” help.

Now we get it. Some of us prefer to read and others want to see a short video. Check and check. On almost every page you land on with FirstDown PlayBook you will find both. Both are very direct without a lot of fluff. We are coaches and we understand that coaches are not patient people.

Don’t get the idea that we won’t be around if you call us or email us though. We are pretty proud of our customer service and that includes weekends. If you have any question about how to use FirstDown PlayBook we will be there for you. Pick the phone up and call us. If we don’t answer then someone will contact you in a hurry.

FirstDown PlayBook Practice Scripts

What most coaches find out about FirstDown PlayBook is that if you just invest a little time before the craziness (the season) starts, you will be light years ahead. There are so many tools in FirstDown PlayBook now that it just makes sense to get in there and learn them now. You wouldn’t wait until Friday night to run a play for the first time would you? Same thing here.

So as you watch this short video understand that you have your hands on the best football drawing tool out there. Please dig in and learn it now. This will be something that you, your players and yes, even your family are going to be glad you did come this fall.