Flag Football Offers A Chance To Grow Too

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 17, 2023
Parents have to make a decision between flag football and tackle football.

What is right for my son or daughter? Every parent makes this kind of decision on a daily basis. It’s called parenting and there is no manual. Parents have to look at their kid’s individual situation because everyone is different. A decision that many of our FirstDown PlayBook followers have had to make for their youngster lately is youth tackle football or flag football?

At this point many of you have made that decision for this fall. If the decision was made to sign your young player up for a Pop Warner tackle league then good for you. We hope that this was the right decision and your youngster is enjoying it. If you elected to sign them up for an NFL Flag team instead then that makes sense too. There is no right or wrong if you do it with your child’s best interest in mind.

We are not writing today to argue the points for or against tackle football or even what age you should enroll your son or daughter in a tackle football league. That’s a personal decision and totally your call. Some parents have decided to wait a little longer before entering their kids in a tackle program. This allows them to play flag football for a little longer as their bodies develop.

It makes perfect sense as long as the instruction your child receives is sound and based on real football principles. Obviously, blocking and tackling will not be taught in a youth flag football program but the following things should be:

1. Assignment Football

2. Drills & Techniques associated with:

Route Running

Flag Pulling (The same as tackling)

Ball handling and catching

-Defensive stance and movement

3. Decision making based on numbers and scheme.

If a kid is learning how to control his or her body and do it at a fast pace as they play within a football scheme based on football principles then they are getting better. If they are getting better then they are also safer, and at the point where they move up to tackle football or even 7on7 football they are going to be much more prepared.

A Sample Of How Passing Game Concept Learning Can Begin With Flag Football

In order to accomplish this kids need to practice. Yes, kids need to practice flag football skills and scheme too. If your child shows up for a game and has not practiced then something is missing. Having fun is always a number one priority in any youth program but if anyone tries to convince you that learning how to play football is not fun then that should be a red flag about that program.

12 Powerful 5v5 Flag Football Formations

Anyone who has ever watched an NFL combine, will notice there are no pads other than the hand held ones. However, there is a lot of movement, skills, and timing. These are the same things your son or daughter can get better at if signed up for a flag football program that not only teaches fun but also fundamentals.

Angellica Grayson