Flag Football Curl Flat Read

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 25, 2024
Flag Football

The curl flat pass concept is pretty universal. It is as sound of a passing game staple as you will find out there. Today we want to look at how your quarterback should read a flag football curl flat concept.

One of the reasons that this concept is so popular is that it is effective vs man and zone coverage. The curl route offers your receiver a chance to find a hole vs zone. It also offers a chance to separate vs man coverage back to the quarterback.

It has always been obvious to us that there is a natural progression from what the younger flag football player does and the 7on7 and tackle player does in the passing game. That is, if it is taught correctly. The curl flat concept is an excellent place to start. It can be run regardless of your flag football numbers.

A flag football curl flat should be read the same as it would be read with an 11 man tackle football team. This concept is predicated on threatening the defense horizontally and vertically at the same time. Your slot receiver and center should immediately stretch the defense horizontally. At the same time your wide receivers should threaten the defense vertically.

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The result of these two routes being run full speed is that one of two things will be open. Your flat routes will outflank the defense or your wide receivers will have a hole in the curl area to get open. Your quarterback should read this flat to curl.

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The main reason for reading this flag football curl flat outside in important. If your quarterback looks immediately to the curl the defense will eventually begin to cheat. They will never expand to the flat. After a while this concept will cease to be effective if you let that happen.

You must also make sure to turn your wide receivers loose on a go route every now and then. Once again, the defense will cheat if you do not.

One last tip. If you are coaching young flag football players, shorten the route depth to match your QB’s arm strength. You will begin to quickly see how you are helping your players develop with this flag football curl flat concept.

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