FirstDown PlayBook Video Pairing Is Live!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 11, 2023
FirstDown PlayBook Fits Your Football Budget

This one has been a long time coming. Yes, FirstDown PlayBook video pairing is now live on the website. FirstDown PlayBook is built on the premise that we are all teachers first. We are also one hundred percent convicted that you need to teach as many ways as possible. Coaches who leave out any one method will surely pay a price.

You cannot leave out football playbook drawings while teaching your video study, walk-throughs or practice. Effective teaching requires all of these. This is why FirstDown PlayBook has looked high and low for a video partner to help us help you teach. We understand how hard you work.

You No Longer Have To Choose Between A Good Playbook or Good Video

For whatever reason, we have been unable to find that, so we came to the conclusion that we could provide you with this valuable teaching tool ourselves. Coaches can now pair an MP4 video with your FirstDown PlayBook drawings that you have edited or drawn on your own.

You Can Find The Plays As We Complete The “Find A PlayBook” Section

FirstDown PlayBook has made it very straightforward and easy to use. You have your own video library where you will store your play clips. You can easily pair those clips with your drawings and diagrams. After that, you can simultaneously look at both the clip and the drawing. You can also toggle back and forth.

Video Pairing

FirstDown PlayBook Video Pairing Is Free For All Team Members!

Here is the best part (maybe unbelievable part). FirstDown PlayBook Team members get video pairing at no extra cost. Let us repeat that. Team members, you will get 50 GB of storage at no extra cost. The already low $700 Team membership price just got more valuable. This is plenty of storage that should allow your entire staff to create their own individual video pairing areas.

Please keep in mind that we will be adding the ability to create folders inside of this area soon too. If you are a youth football league director you should pay attention too. All of your teams would benefit from this.

FirstDown PlayBook & FastBreak PlayBook Partner With The CCCAA!

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at this short video. Get started with the new FirstDown PlayBook video pairing today!

Chad Johnson