FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids Explained

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 18, 2024
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Here at FirstDown PlayBook we are talking daily with coaches who are putting together position manuals, playbooks and playbook installations. The FirstDown Playbook PlayGrids are proving to be a coach favorite as more folks learn about them. Today we want to walk you through how easy they are to create for your football playbook.

Most of our players are visual learners just like we were when we played. FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids allows a coach to present several play diagrams all on one page. This allows a coach to teach the same play or defense vs different looks.

I don’t know about you, but it always helps me to see how a play is blocked vs different fronts when I look at them all at once to compare the play drawings. Same thing goes for making a defensive adjustment to different formations. It allows me to compare the similarities and the differences.

This is, of course, not new. Good football coaches have been teaching this way for a long time. what is new is how easy FirstDown PlayBook has made it for you to get this done. The video below shows you how you can teach with NFL level drawings in seconds.

This Video Shows You Just How Easy it Is To Create PlayGrids For Your PlayBook

We also show you how you never have to ever delete any play drawing, coaching notes or really anything in FirstDown PlayBook. We allow you to save everything you do and keep it in an organized way where you can come back to it later. Keep in mind that this applies to flag football coaches too.

So as you are watching this video consider this. What is your teaching process? Do you just throw on some video and say “Do it like this.” We seriously doubt it. Odds are your players spend as much time learning from your playbook installations as they do looking at video taken from a poor angle.

This video shows you how FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids make it easy for your players to learn. It also shows you how FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids are easy for you to create.

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