Football Video Can Be Your Achilles Heel

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 22, 2022
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In the 30 years that I coached I watched a lot of football video. Not that unusual right? That’s what football coaches do. We study our team. We look at the other team. It is a true replication of what has happened and how to correct or repeat it.

Having said all that, football video has it’s limitations. Unfortunately some coaches don’t understand that and it gets them in trouble. They are so anxious to get to the football video part that they forget to teach. If you forget to teach, your days as a football coach are numbered and the number is small.

Football installations will never change. You have to break them down into parts and you have to give a visual presentation of what you are teaching. This presentation needs to be usable as the coach does the installation and most importantly, it should be something that the player can take from the meeting and learn from on their own. How else can a player separate themselves from the others if they can’t spend extra time learning?

Good Coaches Hand Their Players Tools To Help Them Get Better With or Without Them

Football Video

Great players have separated themselves from the others by learning more & better for as long as football has been played. It is the coaches’ job to facilitate that any way possible. One of the most powerful ways is to present a well drawn football play install. It gives the players something that football video cannot. A visual display of assignments and variations of those assignments.

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I remember a few years back when a high school coach was showing me that he sent 10 Hudl football video clips to his players on Sunday night before the next Friday game. I asked the simple question, “What do you think they get from the cutup?” He immediately said “They look at who they are going to be playing against, not the scheme.”

Most High School Football Video Is Shot At Too Low Of An Angle To Teach Blocking Schemes

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There is a reason for that. Most high school football video is shot from a height that does not allow the viewer to make out a 3 technique from a 2 technique. Coaches can’t make it out half the time and you know the players can’t. Simply put, you cannot teach or install off of the football video. You need a drawing to install. If you install poorly, there is no amount of football video that will bail you out. Trust us on that one.

So word to the wise, if you or your athletic director is just checking the box on this then that is a big mistake. If you just check the box and throw away $200 on a playbook “add on” tool that your staff hates, your teaching will suffer. It is a competitive world out there in high school football these days and your football playbook installations are an important tool.

David Arrasmith