Defensive Pressure Packages

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 1, 2024
FirstDown PlayBook allows an offensive or defensive football coach to keep their work as they change jobs.

FirstDown PlayBook worked on all three phases of football over our 30 year coaching career. This includes some years as a defensive football coach. One of the things that stood out that all three phases had in common was the attention to defensive pressure.

Defensive staffs take great pride in creating it and offensive staffs spend countless hours trying to block it. Special teams coaches get in on the act too with punt block and field goal pressure and protection.

Today I want to focus on the football help we bring to the defensive side of the ball in this area. We have drawn up over 57 different defensive pressures in our Varsity Defense section. Not only this but FirstDown PlayBook has created several ways to get you to them faster.

Find Defensive Pressure By Position

The first way that we are doing this is by allowing you to find the pressure you are looking for by position. In other words, if you are in a four man front defense you can find pressures organized by which linebacker(s) is coming. Sam, Mike and Will linebacker defensive pressures can easily be sorted.

FirstDown PlayBook Has Pressure Help By Front & Coverage Too

FirstDown PlayBook understands that most of you run your base defense out of a core front. You are either a 30 or odd front or you base out of a 40 or even front. There are certainly variations off of these like the 3-3 Stack, 3-3-5 and 4-2-5 defense. The FirstDown PlayBook “Find a Play” section allows you to find defensive pressures by the front that you run. A defensive football coach can find zone pressures and man coverage pressures here.

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Finally, and this might be the most important thing to note. We don’t just draw up a defensive pressure vs one front. Any good defensive football coach worth their salt understands adjustments are critical. This is why FirstDown PlayBook draws each one of these defensive pressures vs at least five offensive formations.

Click On This Drawing To See How FirstDown PlayBook Also Helps You Organize Your Defensive Pressure Installs With PlayGrids.

Defensive Pressure Vs Bunch

Do you have other ways we can organize our play content in FirstDown PlayBook that would help you? We would love to hear about them. After all this is your playbook. we want to make it as coach friendly as we can..