Bulk Delete Your Plays

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 29, 2022

It’s the transition time of year for football coaches. As coaches are transitioning from one job to another, one scheme to another, your playbook will normally change with you. This is why the bulk delete function has shown up for you in FirstDown PlayBook right on time.

You can now go into your “My Plays” area and bulk delete all of your plays or just the plays you want gone. Foe any new coaches we have out there, the “My Plays” area is where you store your plays. Any play that you have created from scratch or created by editing a FirstDown PlayBook community play.

Of course you have your “My PlayBooks” area too, where you organize your playbooks. This Bulk Delete feature will save you a lot of time if you want to get rid of a chunk of your plays. Now before we get out of your way today we have two important points to make. As a football coach I have say…Give me your eyes on this one. It’s important.

If You Bulk Delete Plays They Will be Deleted From Your PlayBooks Too

Yes, this is important. If you have a play or defense and it is organized in your playbook area (Like it should be) it will be deleted if you delete that play in your “My Plays” area. Now if you have created duplicates of that play then you are okay. Just remember that every new version of your play lives in your “My Plays” area.

Coach, Your Presentation Matters

We highly recommend that coaches work out of their “My PlayBooks” area as opposed to the “My Plays” area. Why? Well if you are using FirstDown PlayBook and getting the most out of it you will have a lot of plays. It will be much easier to find your stuff in your organized “My PlayBooks” area. You can duplicate and edit from there.

If you approach it this way you really don’t even need to delete any of your plays or defenses. This is not like video storage. Keeping all of your plays will not fit up the cloud or slow your computer down. The “My Plays” area will be just a holding bin for you as you work from the “My PlayBooks” area.