Is It A PlayBook Or A Clinic?…Yes.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 4, 2021

The 2021 football clinic season will be very different no matter how many times they try to tell you it’s not. We will obviously miss the fellowship that comes with spending time with other football coaches.

There are other things as well. The actual clinics themselves can still bring value though for the coaches that are disciplined enough to spend time with them. Yes, some will be better than others, no doubt.

Some will have 15 minutes of scheme and technique wrapped in 45 minutes of propaganda and stats. Avoid those if you can. Trust us as a former clinic speaker, some coaches are not going to tell you very much about their scheme.

The profession is just too competitive to reveal too much. It is guaranteed that when a coach gives a virtual clinic all of their opponents will watch that video. If it were you, how much would you reveal?

For all of these reasons and more we want to suggest that you combine your resources this winter. FirstDown PlayBook offers you the best digital football playbook available and a 365 day football clinic.

The special teams clinic section featured in the video below is just one good example. You get the advantage of learning from a 30 year NFL/college coach who has no games on the schedule next year and will not be hiding anything!