Any Football People Behind Your Football PlayBook?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 4, 2022

With so much football information that you see online these days have you ever thought about the source? Who are the folks behind the information? Are they experienced football people? We live in an era where there is as a lot of sketchy football “help” out there. Someone attends a clinic one weekend and the next weekend they are an internet expert on what they learned.

FirstDown PlayBook was created by coaches for coaches. The reason we started FirstDown PlayBook is we looked out there at the coaching help that was available and we were astonished.

Offensive plays drawn up with no defense in the drawing. Stop and think about that. That’s revealing. No coach has ever sat down with another coach and started drawing a football play on a grease board, note pad or napkin and drew that play up with no defense. No coach would ever do that.

Look For Football People Behind Your Football “Help”

When the defense was in the drawing it was unrecognizable.  Plays drawn up with the offense in some 3×1 formation or maybe even an unbalanced formation, meanwhile the defense remains balanced. They draw up the perfect football play with seven or eight players blocking the defense’s five or six. Looks good on paper it just isn’t going to happen.

Defensive help? In some places where they are supposed to be the “Go To” organization or website for coaching help, defensive coaching information does not even exist. They may not even mention special teams.

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FirstDown PlayBook is far from perfect. We screw up more in a day than we even care to admit. However, we are ball coaches and we owe a lot to this game. We make our decisions with the game of football and football coaches in mind.

Find Proven Coaches Out There Offering Sound Information

We also want to point out that there are reputable sources out there. There are coaches who have dedicated their professional life to one offensive or defensive scheme. Fortunately for us, they are willing to share what they know. We look for coaches like this as we draw up proven content for you on FirstDown PlayBook. This allows you to benefit from their experience and our technology.

We would challenge you the next time you are about to get football help from somewhere to slow down and look inside the building. Look for the “football people” who are on salary and work inside that building. Count the coaches and draw your own conclusions.