All 22 Tuesday Returns For 5th Year

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 31, 2023

Welcome to a new football season and with that comes All 22 Tuesday . For those of you who have been FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community faithful over the years, you know what this is. For you new folks, it is a segment here where we break down a play or plays from the previous weekend. It could be an NFL play or defense, it might be college or high school.

When we say break it down, we mean break it down. You have seen plenty of plays poorly drawn on the internet. Offensive plays with no defenses. You hardly ever see a defense drawn up? Why? Simple. It takes an understanding of the game and a lot of work to draw these things up. It takes a lot of time and detail to do it correctly.

Our New Technology Will Allow Us To Display Your All 22 Tuesday Drawings Better

FirstDown PlayBook has added some new technology that we will use to really dissect a play, defense or special teams scheme this season. The first important piece of technology is that FirstDown PlayBook (and you) now have the ability to pair a video with our drawings. This will allow you to see the All 22 football play drawing and then see it in motion.

Keep in mind that we will often draw these with the exact proportions with the players and field size. This is critical when you are analyzing NFL and college football plays where the landmarks and timing are crucial. There is not a professionally drawn play out there anywhere else that does this. Computers cannot draw plays for humans.

The third piece of technology we will use is equally important if you want to be an effective teacher. We call it Linemen View but really it is just the ability zoom in on a play. You can then slide the field canvas to where we want it and save that portion of the play. As you will see, there are parts of any football play that demand the entire view. However, there are others that are better taught if you zoom in.

Here Is A Sample From a Past Year’s All 22 Drawings

Here is a past sample of what we do on All 22 Tuesday. We are excited and we hope you are too as we provide you with elite detailed drawings of what happens in the NFL and college football worlds. Let’s take a glance into the past. We will detail a college football play this week. Got one you like?

This quick screen from backup quarterback, Easton Stick to #5, Joshua Palmer would have had no chance if not for the precise execution of everyone on the field. The play diagram below shows exactly where everyone was on this touchdown. The lineman zoom drawing you see here details their assignments. Here are a few things we want you to notice.

Here Are 3 Critical Things To Notice About This All 22 Tuesday Play

  1. The left tackle #73 Sarrell Foster had to do a good job. He allows the Dallas contain rusher #54 to come underneath him. Any wide rush will likely destroy this play. The running back also does just enough to buy time by blocking #54 as he bears down on the quarterback too.
  2. The offensive linemen do a superb job of staying on their landmarks and sticking to their rules. The rules are generally:
    1. Playside Guard & Center travel flat down the LOS looking for kick out blocks.
    2. Backside Guard looks outside first & then turns upfield looking for work.
    3. Because of the well designed boot action this All 22 Tuesday play comes off of, the backside tackle gets out too.
  3. The screen receiver #5 does an excellent job of staying on his landmarks. We will guarantee you that he was coached to catch this ball on or at the bottom of the numbers and run straight down the inside of the numbers. This allows those big dudes to block full speed and not guess where he is.

The last thing we want to point out before you click on the All 22 Tuesday play drawings to watch the video of the play is that this play is a bit of a gamble in the red zone. The ball is snapped on the 18 yard line. The quarterback turns his back to the defense for the play action fake. He actually releases this ball on the 30 yard line and the receiver catches it on the 25 yard line. Yes, details are important and your teaching had better be precise if you want to execute like this.

Click On The Play Drawing To Watch The Video Of This Play

Harlod Goodwin