All 22 Tuesday: Florida State Setting Up More

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 5, 2023
FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday

We are going to start the FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday feature the very same way we did last year. That means we are going to feature an unbalanced formation offensive play. A lot has been made about the dominant showing Florida State displayed against LSU Sunday night. It’s not misrepresented. Florida State was the best team that night on many fronts.

Even on this play you should pay particular attention to the blocking by the Florida State receivers. It is a good example of the perimeter run game that was also evident with the passing game. We normally like to stick pretty close to scheme here at the FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday and this was a good one.

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First, let’s set the stage. This game was still in question as this play was sent in to start the second half. This play was something that the FSU coaches had obviously been holding to get a good start in the second half if they could find a way to use it.

There Is More To This All 22 Tuesday Florida State Play Down The Road

Any good football coach and most FirstDown Playbook All 22 Tuesday fans can see the success of the play. The nub side tight end does not have to pull from lineman depth. Instead, he gets to pull from off the ball. This is an offensive line coach’s dream. His linemen get no such luxury.

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The luxury the pulling guard does get on this play is that he does not have to worry about the second puller running up his rear end. The guard and tight end pull scheme is much easier than the guard and tackle pull. The second puller reads the path of the first puller unless a call is made pre-snap.

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The final point we want to make if you play Florida State this year is…it ain’t over yet. You do realize that the unbalanced formation nub tackle is eligible right? That running back or quarterback is going to throw that ball back away from this very play at some point and he will be completely uncovered unless, of course you have read this blog.

Southern Miss…consider yourself warned.

This Florida State All 22 Tuesday Unbalanced Play Will Show Up Again Down The Road.
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