Adult 7v7 Flag: NFL Philly Special

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 19, 2022

Every football team needs to have a few trick plays up their sleeve. NFL teams and your adult 7v7 flag football team are no exception. We want to point out that there are plenty of around and jet sweep passes we could choose here. However, the NFL Philly Special brings a lot to the table when it comes to catching a defense flat-footed.

The first coaching point here is to know which hand your Z receiver throws with. For this adult 7v7 flag football diagram we are treating it like our Z is right-handed. Lining up in a Bunch formation to the left ensures that they can have an easier throw into the end zone.

Your quarterback will shift from the pistol or gun to the hip of your center pre-snap. Your H will now become your quarterback. This should all happen with a sense of deliberate urgency but not a panicked hurry. As soon as the QB is set, the H will take the snap and attack the bunch side of the formation. The width of the Bunch should be determined according to your Z’s speed.

Are You Drawing Your Plays On A Flag Football Field?

On the snap, the Z will come back inside on an orbit path behind the H. Now, the defense is likely in man coverage. This means that the defender covering the Z may try to run with the orbit path. This is why the Y is going to block this defender. The H will flip the ball to the Z. H and the center will also shield the Z from any defender chasing in the backfield.

The NFL Philly Special Requires That Your Players Be Good Actors

F and X? You need to be great actors as you wave your arms demanding that the H throw the ball to you. You want all of the attention to be on that side. Meanwhile, the quarterback is initially going to block the backside for the H. Late, late, late…the QB will leak out into the flat for the soft pass from the Z. If something happens and the QB is covered then the Z can run it for plenty of yardage.

Coaching and playing on an adult flag football team can be hard. You want to have fun and, at the same time be good at it and this takes planning. FirstDown PlayBook can help. If you want to see 8 more plays that your adult flag football team can use just click here or on the NFL Philly Special drawing above.