7v7 Adult Flag: NFL Levels Concept

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 19, 2021

Adult 7v7 Flag Football Read: 1. In 2. China 3. China

When it comes to YAC (yards after catch), it is hard to beat the NFL Levels concept. Stretching the field is important. You want the defense on their heels every time you snap the ball, expecting someone to run by them. However, when you set this tone, it is now time to feed your athletic receivers underneath and let them eat.

This NFL Levels concept version is run from a 3×1 offensive formation. it can be run from a 2×2 or 2 Back formation too. All you need is two or more receivers coming across the middle of the field into your quarterback’s vision. The first coaching point is to make sure your receivers all sell the deep route as they release. Make the defense back up first!

You will want to read this concept deep to shallow. It is very important that your deep in-route gets every inch of their 12 yards. You don’t want your in-route to be too close to your China routes. You need separation horizontally and vertically on this play so that your QB has a clean read. Notice how the Z has a max split so that they are not coming inside too close to the F. They can also stutter at the top of their route to ensure this as well. All of this ensures the proper spacing for your receivers.

The NFL Levels Concept Creates a Horizontal Stretch

Here is an additional coaching point: Your adult 7v7 flag football receivers want to get separation from their defenders but also come inside with a little tempo. What’s tempo? It means to come inside with enough coordination that you can make the catch. Quarterbacks…don’t knock them down with the ball either. Deliver a nice catchable ball that allows them to run for days.

Adult Flag NFL Boot Orbit Concept Right Here

Finally, this is a good concept to incorporate a go route on the opposite side. Like the one-on-one matchup? Throw the go route and come back to the Levels concept again later. If you don’t like the one-on-one matchup with the X, stay with your normal NFL Levels concept read.