Adult Flag Snag Concept: The NFL Way

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 21, 2021

The adult flag football snag concept is good regardless of what style of football you are playing. This is especially true for adult flag football. Here’s why. One of the first things you learn about 7v7 adult flag football is that it is played fast. Very fast. You will not have much time to get the ball out of your quarterback’s hand.

This 2×2 formation version of the NFL Snag concept is made just for this situation. You are going to want your three receivers in this concept to be near one another at the snap. It is important that you plan your formation for the adult flag football play you want to run.

You can see here we have motioned the Z receiver to almost a bunch set at the snap. The idea with the Snag concept is to create a three-level concept. This forces the defense to defend all three receivers quickly. It is important that all receivers be accurate with the route depth.

The Y wants to outside release on the snap. This may seem unimportant. You will soon see that we are making this look just like some other plays we are going to run. The Z will push up to 5 yards depth and sit down right in the stem or path where the Y just vacated. The H must expand the concept quickly. The Z must also be ready to catch the ball as soon as they pass the Z. Once again, this concept happens very fast.

Read This Adult Flag Snag Concept Your Way

In this diagram, we are reading the flat route first, then the Z snag, and then the Y corner. If you want, you could choose to read this concept deep to shallow. The only thing we strongly advise is to stay on the snag side. The only way to change this is if the quarterback breaks into a scramble. If your center will give the quarterback just a little time. This can lead to some great yardage after the catch.

Please be aware that the NFL Snag concept can be run out of may different formations. It can be run out of two backs and empty backfield formations. It is always a good idea to run the same concepts out of multiple formations. This allows your receivers to get better at the concepts. Only the defense sees something different. Click on the play below to see more adult flag football concepts.