6v6 Flag Football Twins Formation

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 21, 2024
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Some of you will coach or play in a 6v6 flag football league where your quarterback can run the football. Others will not have this luxury. That’s why FirstDown PlayBook likes starting with your Twins formation when building a playbook.

As soon as you start coaching 6v6 flag football, you realize it is different. When you look at this formation, you see a lot of powerful things that good coaches look for at any level. When you coach 4v4 flag football or 5v5 flag football there is no such thing as a balanced 2×2 flag football formation or a 3×1 formation. Not of you want to have a running back too.

6v6 flag football offers you all of these things. As soon as you have six flag football players at your disposal, you can threaten the flag football defense with three-player combinations. This also means you can spread your players out or you can bunch them. Once again, you have all of this and a run game.

This Twins Formation Is A First Step To Coaching 11 Man Football

Let’s look at some of the weapons that your Twins formation offer you. First you see a running back. If your quarterback cannot run the ball then you need a run game from somewhere else. This does not necessarily mean that the running back has to carry the ball. There are plenty of good plays where a player takes the snap and tosses the ball to another player who then throws it.

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This is what should really get you excited. You have both a running back and a two-man route combinations to the strong side. Now you can dial up a flag football RPO where the play could be a run or a pass play. These RPO’s often come off of bootleg type plays where the quarterback can hand the ball off or throw it.

Perhaps you also noticed that you have a single receiver backside. This is something you never had with your NFL Flag offense. Now, if you force your opponent into man coverage and you have a special receiver, you can exploit that with one on one matchups to that side.

FirstDown PlayBook offers you hundreds of flag football plays and defenses. This is just a small sample our 6v6 formations. Tap on any one of the tiles below to visit the article describing that formation. FirstDown PlayBook also offers 4v4, 5v5, 7v7, and 8v8 flag football plays and defenses.

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