3 Ways To Help Complete Flag Football Quick Throws

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 9, 2023
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This morning we got the chance to watch several very young flag football teams play. It is good to be reminded from time to time about just how limited most young players are at this level. The need for structured run plays and flag football quick throws for the quarterback was on full display.

As we were watching it was once again reinforced that throwing the ball can seem nearly impossible. Sometimes when you are coaching a youth 5v5 flag football team, the defense just smothers your receivers with man coverage. This can get it very frustrating for you and your young flag football quarterback.

You are consistently not getting anyone open. Eventually, even when you do, your quarterback is not accurate or will get so frustrated that they lose their confidence. The temptation can be to try to make the defense pay with a “home run” ball. You know, a deep throw that will run the defense out of all of that man coverage stuff. However, as you look at your quarterback and realize you do not have Tom Brady, you may need another answer.

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Normally, the best route to take is to find a way to get your 5v5 flag football receivers open immediately so that the ball gets thrown just as quickly. This is going to at least give you a chance to create yardage after the catch. Keep in mind that this does not just happen. It’s your job as the coach to help this process.

3 Things To Help Complete Your Flag Football Quick Throws

The first thing you have to do is understand that your receiver splits must be in line with your quarterback’s arm strength. Flag football quick throws are almost always going to be the way to go. A good flag football coach can create these throws in several ways.

The first way is to reduce your receiver splits. Your flag football passing game can be almost the same as the high school football level with the exception of your splits. Pull your receivers in closer to your quarterback. This will make all the difference in the world for your young quarterback.

After you do this then you want to use short quick routes that allow your quarterback to throw the ball quickly and with confidence. Slant routes, In routes and, as you will see in this video, Dart routes are your best friend. In breaking routes are much easier to complete than outbreaking routes.

Finally, coach your young flag football quarterback to look for one and only one receiver. You may actually have two receivers in the same area. However, tell your quarterback that the flag football quick throw goes to the Jon on this play and Sue the next time you call it.

Let’s look at this short video and you will see one example of what we are talking about. We even take you on the other side of the ball to see what the defense sees. FirstDown PlayBook makes all of this and so much easier for a flag football coach.

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