Youth Football “Terms” Section

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 21, 2021

Every coach on this planet was a young coach at one point in time and every coach had to learn what the various football terms mean. They had to learn the difference in a 3 technique and a 2 technique. Terms like “pin and pull”, “scoop” and “reach” made no sense, but eventually did.

FirstDown PlayBook is very sensitive to the fact that we have football coaches at all levels using our technology. This is why we make a special effort to help all of them. Helping young inexperienced coaches is a big part of this. Building a foundation with a glossary of terms can aid that a lot.

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Football coaching is just like anything else. If a person gets involved as a coach and has a bad experience because they get overwhelmed, then odds are they will not coach very long. If that same person is afforded a foundation and allowed to grow as a coach then it can be a different outcome.

This is why FirstDown PlayBook has created a Youth Football Terms section. It is an area where a beginning youth football coach can go to get some of the basic terminology that they are almost sure to come across as they coach. This will help eliminate some of the insecurity that comes with coaching for the first time.

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The terminology or terms section is also a reference as they begin to use the FirstDown PlayBook coaching notes. This short video will give you a quick two minute tutorial on how to find this help.

Our bet is that it will be a tremendous help as you go through your 2021 youth football season. After you find this section, save them to your youth football playbook. This way you will have them all season long!