3 Reasons To Marry These NFL Flag Plays

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 6, 2022
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The hardest and most important position to play in football is quarterback. This is true for your flag football team too. It is important that when you draw up your NFL Flag football plays you remember this. If you have too many different plays or even formations, you are in trouble. Your players will suffer in several ways, including production.

In an attempt to confuse the defense, many coaches will install so many different flag football plays that the quarterback is the one confused. Confused players play slow. Playing slow can mean mentally too. Your receivers will run routes slower. Your quarterback will process things slower oo and that’s a problem.

The video below details how you can take three flag football plays from the same formation and marry them in your game plan. We are using two NFL Flag plays and one of our plays as an example. However, this holds true for any level or style of football. Here are 3 reasons to marry these 3 NFL Flag plays and others as well.

Make It Look The Same To the Defense Before The Ball Is Snapped

Defenses are not dumb. At some point the NFL Flag defensive coaches are going to tell their players “if that player lines up here look for “insert route”. This center bunch formation allows for many combinations of routes. After all, do the math, you are involving four offensive players. The defense sees the same thing every time up until the ball is snapped.

Your NFL Flag Football Football QB Has The Same Read

Good flag football coaches working with young players use wristband sheets. It helps ensure that the play is run correctly. The wristband sheets also allow you to play fast. If you line up in the same formation multiple times and call your plays off of your wristbands, your receivers should know what to do. Your quarterback has the luxury of having the same read every time regardless of who is running which route.

The Throws Are Easier & Good vs Man or Zone

You probably are not going to get a lot of zone coverage vs your NFL Flag plays but there are some who play it. These 3 NFL Flag football plays are good vs man or zone coverage. Your quarterback has the same high low read vs zone every time.

When you get the more likely man coverage you have several different ways to create rubs. Bunch formations and rubs are the best way to free up receivers vs man coverage. The bonus here is that the players that break free will be doing it right in front of your young quarterback. The throws are shorter and higher percentage completion passes.

As you watch this video you will begin to understand that this combination of NFL Flag plays is only one example. You will want to do the same with other flag football formations as well. We also want to mention that you should not throw the ball every time. You definitely should mix in flag football RPO’s. Good luck as the football season is closer than we think!

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