Youth Football Power I Punch

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 12, 2021

We have been taking you through some of the FirstDown PlayBook youth football formations as you prepare for this fall. Today we will dive into the youth football Power I formation.

The Power I immediately gives you a lot of punch inside. The downhill run game advantages are covered in the video below but let’s touch on them here. When you put three backs in the backfield it automatically gives you two lead blockers. As you will see in the video you have good numbers vs an even (center not covered) or odd (center covered) defense.

The Youth Football Power I Can Be Your Friend But Only If You Use It Correctly

If you think the Power I is just about running the ball downhill, you have not looked close enough. The other thing that the Power I gives you is a great counter game. Once you send two backs one way and the third another you have a counter game. It does not take very much to create a strong side run game and a counter game off of it.

We also discuss how to build in some passing game answers when the defense begins cheating on your run game. We are advocates of running play action, sprint and bootleg passes for youth football players. Why? Well you always have to take into consideration who is playing quarterback. Your drop back pass plays are only going to be as good as your quarterback’s arm.

NFL Coaches On 12 Formations To Consider For Your Youth Football Offense

This is why we touch on the advantages and dangers of splitting out your X receiver to the weak side. If you are coaching really young players we recommend that you keep everyone in tight. You will understand why when you watch the video.

Ed Roldan