Wing T Power Vs Double Wing Power

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 3, 2022

As similar as these two versions of the power are, there are distinct and important differences to understand. We will break these down right here and you can also see us detail them in the video below.

As always, FirstDown PlayBook understands that there are almost always small tweaks that a coach would make to any run play. This is why you can edit all 35,000 plus football plays in FirstDown PlayBook. Here are three things to consider about our latest install.

This Version Of The Wing T Power Has A Short Backside Edge

The mere nature of the Double Wing Power says that you have two tight ends and two wings. With this version of the Wing T Power, you have a wide receiver extended to the weak side. This means that you must have a plan for the defensive end. We explain this in the video below.

Good News! Now You Have A Natural Boot & Slide Naked Boot Pass

Once your quarterback understands that they are responsible for the weak side contain player, you have options. You can just dial up a naked bootleg run for your quarterback. You can also call a bootleg pass or a slide naked bootleg with your 3 Back slipping out into the weak flat. These plays will also only make your next power (and sweep) to the strong side better.

You Are Handing Off This Wing T Power, Not Tossing It.

It may seem like a small thing, but it will be something that affects the defense. When you toss the ball the defense is going to initially flow much faster. Your offensive line and fullback need to understand that you are handing off they Wing T Power. The linebackers will still flow but not nearly as fast as the Double Wing toss version of this play.

More Youth Football Help: Run A 5-3 Youth Football Defense? Here’s A Changeup

Once again, this video will help you see the similarities and the differences in these two plays. Know that both the Wing T Power and the Double Wing Power are drawn up vs 6 different defenses in the FirstDown PlayBook youth football section. You can bank on there being many more youth football installs over the next several months.

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