Vernon Whips A Triple Team For Sack Safety!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 25, 2020

Good offensive line coaches understand where their weaknesses are. The most obvious way to correct them is to do it with personnel. If that option is not available then you have to get busy with your scheme.

The Philadelphia Eagles know they have an issue right now at left offensive tackle. They have worked to fix this with personnel but injuries have forced them to move Jason Peters back over to left tackle for the time being.

When the Eagles had to take a snap with Wentz dropping bak into his own end zone they knew they had to get Jason Peters some help on Olivier Vernon.

The Eagles had an outside body presence with a receiver on Vernon’s outside. This should have allowed Peters to cheat more to the inside. They also had a guard help outside on Vernon late.

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At the end of the day all of this did not matter. The Scouting Academy’s Dan Hatman shows us step by step how Vernon used a combination of speed, power and technique to sack Wentz for a safety at a key moment in this game.