Kelce Can Block Too!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 22, 2021

We all know the value of a great tight end. They create mismatches in all facets of the game and are guys that can help you in the run game and as pass-catchers. Let’s take a look at Kansas City’s Travis Kelce, who’s better known for his contributions in the passing game, win as a blocker. Yes, Travis Kelce can block too


The Chiefs run a flip pass end-around here with Travis Kelce as a lead blocker. He demonstrates impressive burst to get around, stab, and help the RT win the block against the LB.

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Upon helping out his teammate, Kelce works to identify the next threat to the ball carrier. He again demonstrates burst to close the distance and timing to execute the block, springing the runner for additional yardage.

Travis Kelce is a great example of how important it is to block in the NFL. Even if a tight end has limitations, the willing to block is a difference maker when an offensive coordinator is game planning.

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