Mitch Morse Keeps Josh Allen Clean

By Will Cinelli on Aug 26, 2021

There are many reasons why Josh Allen is off to the NFL start that he is. One big reason is Mitch Morse. Today on TeachTape Thursday we will isolate on one specific play that displays some of Morse’s ability and awareness.

To excel on the offensive line, a player needs to be able to process incredibly quickly. He then needs to execute the proper technique that the situation demands. When working as an interior offensive lineman, things happen fast. There are only a select few can consistently perform at a high level.

Let’s take a look at Buffalo Bills’ center, Mitch Morse, as he combines technique and processing to obliterate a NT twist. First, Morse must deal with the penetrating nose tackle. He shows off tremendous hand usage, executing a snatch down and trap of the rusher’s hands.

2 For 1 Special

The nose stumbles and falls, but instead of that being the end of the play, Morse is now faced with the looping 3-technique. This player is working across his face. But Morse demonstrates excellent awareness to see it coming and be ready. He stones the looper, knocking him back over the nose on the ground.

It’s not often you see an offensive lineman get a 2-for-1 special like this, but credit Morse with winning with awareness and by being a great technician. 

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