This Is Job One For Offensive Line Coaches

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 24, 2021
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Odds are that the best teacher and communicator on your football staff is your offensive line coach. It is almost mandatory because of all of the different things that come into play with this position group. Yes, this group is often known to be the toughest, most physical group on this side of the ball. However, that only goes so far when measuring success.

An elite offensive line recognizes, not only what is in front of them, but also what may be coming next. The blocking assignments have to be a given. In other words, if they have any question about who to block, you have no chance. After the ball is snapped the stunts, dogs and blitzes are all a part of what must be recognized and blocked if you want to be successful.

When you consider that your offensive coordinator may want to run a tempo offense, the offensive line coach’s job just got harder. If the defense does not get lined up, that can be a pain for an offensive line, not an advantage. Your schemes have to account for this too.

Assuming that you are reading this and your season is over, we want to give you three suggestions on how to get started with your offensive line now for next season.

Find Your Coach On The Field

Do not wait until next season to do this. Every quarterback coach worth his salt will be meeting with the quarterbacks periodically throughout the year. Once you identify your “coach” on the field, you should do the same with that player or players. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but keeping their mind around it and on it will help you develop that leader who can handle things on the field when you are on the sideline.

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There is absolutely no reason an offensive line coach should not have the majority of the blocking sheets done before the first snap of spring ball. Football is football. You should have your blocking schemes set up vs multiple fronts and ready to go. This way when you get to the season you can spend your time on breaking down your opponent, not going into some coach man cave and re-drawing the power for the 45th time.

Good Offensive Line Coaches Use The Available Technology

If you are using paper and pencil to draw your stuff up, you are not only archaic, but not being an efficient coach. Obviously, we think you should use FirstDown PlayBook, but regardless of what you use, there is technology that will allow you to have all of this done before the season starts. You just make edits as you play your schedule. Now you can spend more time helping your sophomore left guard instead of drawing plays over and over again. You might even be available to the offensive coordinator for run game suggestions!