Texas Wesleyan On “Why FirstDown PlayBook”

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 3, 2022
The Official PlayBook Of Small College FootBall...FirstDown PlayBook

FirstDown PlayBook likes to step back every now and then and let coaches tell you what they think of us. You won’t find many (if any) coaches who will put their name on something unless they believe it. Why? Because the rest of us will call them out for it if they are wrong. This is why we appreciate Texas Wesleyan’s Fran Johnson.

Fran is one of tens of thousands of coaches who know us by now. However, we appreciate him for his detail and the professional way he goes about his business. We look forward to attacking this football season with the Texas Wesleyan staff. Let’s here about FirstDown PlayBook in his words…

The Official PlayBook Of Small College FootBall...FirstDown PlayBook

“For years, I have always used hard copy playbooks for my offenses. While those do have their place, they’re certainly outdated. Plus, when you need to make a correction or update a particular play, you have to redo the entire page.

When the 2021 season came to an end, I spent a few months researching different online playbooks. I needed a playbook that was interactive and that could be as detailed and in-depth as I wanted/needed it to be.

The Official PlayBook Of Small College FootBall...FirstDown PlayBook

After one phone call with a rep and a 1-week free trial, FirstDown PlayBook was exactly what I was looking for! I’ve had experience with other online playbooks, and all of them fail in comparison to FirstDown PlayBook!

FirstDown PlayBook is extremely user-friendly and has limitless capabilities in building the perfect playbook for your staff and team! For as long as I coach, I will use FirstDown PlayBook for two reasons. One, is its capabilities and flexibility.

The second reason, and the most important, is the PEOPLE!  The employees at FirstDown PlayBook are amazing to work with and are readily accessible to provide a resolution and answers. They are in this for the coaches, and that is what makes all the people at FirstDown PlayBook special! If you’re trying to decide what program to go with, FirstDown PlayBook should be your choice.   Go with the free trial, and see for yourself.  FirstDown PlayBook is the very best!

Fran Johnson

Offensive Coordinator

Texas Wesleyan University