Texas Wesleyan Football Is About Stability

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 3, 2024
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There is a lot of conversation out there about football coaches and now players are frequently jumping ship. Coaches leaving and now the transfer portal have made this common place in college football. Today we want to look at a different perspective coming from Fran Johnson, offensive coordinator for the Texas Wesleyan football program.

It would be easy to write this blog about the Texas Wesleyan football offensive success. There has been plenty over the past several years. Their ranking in total yards and total points is impressive. Especially when you consider that they are not a spread offense and they frequently use a fullback on offense.

Today however, we would like to focus on the Texas Wesleyan philosophy when it comes to commitment to their football program. This Coach & Coordinator podcast nails it as Coach Johnson does a good job of describing how the Texas Wesleyan coaches incorporate this as part of their culture.

This could be easily overlooked or dismissed as a minor part of what they do. However, for the players on that football team and the recruits who are looking at the program, this is important. What is not talked about enough is the loyal players who suffer when a coach bolts or a player hits the transfer portal.

Don’t get me wrong. Both things are going to happen. However, if I were a high school coach advising my player on which school to choose, Texas Wesleyan football offers value where others may not. Having the same coach for four years is a plus on and off the football field. Click here or above to listen and learn more.

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Texas Wesleyan's Fran Johnson