Teaching Wrong Arm Fits In Youth Football

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 25, 2021

Today we want to talk and take a look at a video breaking down youth football wrong arm fits. You may notice that we didn’t say wrong arm technique. Although the technique should be executed well, there is nothing complex about a wrong arm technique.

Essentially, if your defensive end or linebacker is the end man on the line of scrimmage and they play underneath any inside out block then that’s “wrong arming” the block. Conventional football normally has the edge defenders keeping everything “inside and in front” of them.

The reason we make the distinction between teaching the technique and teaching the wrong arm fits is simple. If the rest of your youth football defense dos not fit correctly, the wrong arm technique will not help you. The video below will explain with more detail but here are three things to know as you teach youth football wrong arm fits.

Everyone Must Fit For The Wrong Arm Technique To Work

The reason conventional defense had the end player on the line of scrimmage contain is because everyone else was going to fit inside. Now the opposite is true. The ball should bounce to the perimeter. Your linebackers, safeties and even corner should know how to fit this.

A lot of youth coaches get frustrated because their Corners can’t keep contain. Or if they do keep contain, they leave a huge seam inside. The video below shows how once the ball bounces you can switch the corner and safety fit too.

You Can Use Wrong Arm Fits As A Changeup

Wrong arm fits can be used as your base defense if you want. You could also use it as a changeup. Often times on the internet, you will see someone dissect a technique to death. They give you ten ways to beat it without considering the fact that it’s only one way that you choose to defend an offense.

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Too many youth football defensive coaches make their players into sitting ducks. The offense knows exactly where they are going to be every time the ball is snapped. You can’t do too much on defense but having a call that tells your defense when to wrong arm and when not to is a good changeup.

Keep The Keys Simple

The mark of a good defensive coach is if their players are looking at different things but it paints the same picture. Regardless of if you are running a 6-2 or a 4-4. Your wrong arm defender should simply see these three things to execute the technique.

  1. Down Block By The Tight End Or Tackle.
  2. Squeeze the Block & Eyes Are Inside For A Puller On The Line Of Scrimmage.
  3. No Puller Then Eyes Go To The Backfield For A Kick out Block.

If any of this happens then execute the wrong arm technique. If it does not then play with your outside arm free. The same will go for the defensive lineman getting doubled and the inside linebackers. They all are looking at different keys but it paints the same picture. It’s a kick out scheme!

Let’s take a look at this video. This will help you teach your youth football defense wrong arm fits. It will also show you how FirstDown PlayBook can help you do it.