Stuff A Youth Football Spread Offense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 7, 2023
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Stop. Right Now. Walk over to the mirror and look. Do you see a college football coach or an NFL football coach who has dedicated their entire life to football? Our guess is… no. Here is the problem. You are probably going to coach against some dude who does not understand this. They are going to run a youth football spread offense because they saw it on TV.

What do you do when you line up against an offensive formation that should not even be allowed in your league? You step back and look at who is running it. Just because your opponent saw it on his Sunday Ticket does not mean his players can run it. Heavy, heavy and we repeat heavy odds are that his quarterback can not back up the scheme he is running.

That Youth Football Spread Offense You Are Defending Still Wants To Run The Ball

Odds are that he already understands this. Here is what he is banking on. He understands that you will likely just spread the field with his fantasy offense. As you do this he will see that you have treated his youth football spread offense like Patrick Mahomes is the quarterback. He is about to slice you up with the run game. Why? Because relatively speaking, his QB runs like Mahomes. He cannot throw like him.

Thinking About Running a 4-2-5 Youth Football Defense? Read This.

They put “Coach” in front of your name for a reason. It’s your job to put your youth football defense in a position to be successful. You should look more at what your opponent is trying to execute than you should the formation they run. Before you do anything else you must stop the run game. In other words, don’t defend grass, defend the players.

This 50 second video will explain how to put a stop to all of this silliness. Before you watch watch it though, understand that there are several ways to shutting down any youth offense including the Beast . That’s what we do here at FirstDown PlayBook. Actual NFL coaches are here to help you enjoy this football season as you coach.