Snapping Technique From Pat Mannelly

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 28, 2021

Two of the most painful coaching experiences I ever had in football coaching revolved around the same thing. I got to training camp without an experienced long snapper. If there is a more under appreciated art than the snapping technique, I don’t know it. (Sorry holders) This is why getting to coach on a team that included Pat Mannelly was special.

Both times I did not have a snapper it hit us late in the summer with someone flunking out of school or getting injured at the last second before we reported. For me, it was in a college setting both times. For this reason I have always been sensitive to this and lead the charge when it comes to not letting it happen you you.

Several years back in 2018 Coach & Coordinator’s Keith Grabowski and I hosted a podcast and Pat Mannelly was our guest. We wanted to repost that podcast today because if you are out there and there is any chance your long snapping situation is not in tact, start working on it now BEFORE you get to train camp.

So here’s a little bit about Pat Mannelly before you start listening…

“Master of your trade.” Sometimes they are just four words but sometimes they are the perfect description for an individual. Stop for a second and think about this. Pat Mannelly is a retired long snapper, who formerly played for the Chicago Bears.

After being drafted by the Chicago Bears in the sixth round in 1996, Mannelly snapped the ball 2,282 times during his NFL career without a botched snap. Pat is also the longest tenured player in Chicago Bears history.

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He is listed third in all-time special teams tackles with 81. When it comes to long snapping in the NFL, Pat set the standard awhile back for others to aspire to. So Pat Mannelly actually was a “master of his trade” and you will learn a lot by listening to this

After you listen to this, you are probably also going to want to head over to Pat’s long snapping website to get even more information and to have a proven “go to” resource for snapping information year round! Tap on the link or Pat’s picture up above to get there.