Simple Sprint Pass Explosive

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 25, 2022
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We don’t often think of the sprint pass game as a way to create an explosive play. That may be exactly why this play we are looking at today is a great sprint pass explosive. It comes off of an often run concept regardless of the quarterback’s action.

The curl flat concept is often one of the first concepts a coach will install. It provides a young quarterback with a simple read of flat to curl. The quarterback can look for the flat and throw it on rhythm if the route out leverages the defense, If the defense expands the quarterback works back to the curl. The fact that this is a staple in most offenses gives the sprint pass explosive we are looking at today more teeth.

This Sprint Pass Explosive Must Look Like The Base Curl Flat To The Defense

Granted, when you sprint out, your receiver must run the curl route a little differently. We talk about that in the video below. The curl route runner will likely be working back to the sideline as the quarterback sprints that way.

Back to the sprint pass explosive part of this football play. The Z or whatever you call your slot, must sell the flat route first. This is what will get an over zealous defensive back to be aggressive. As the wheel route runner turns up field that must be coached that there will probably be contact. In fact they may get grabbed as they run past the DB. The wheel route runner must fight through this and get open down the field. If the flag is thrown, so be it.

This sprint pass explosive is perfect for a quarterback who may not throw it as well as a drop back passer. The quarterback is moving towards the targets and that always helps. It is also a perfect situation to pull the ball down and get yardage on the ground if that is necessary.

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