Have A Bootleg Pass Pressure Plan

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 24, 2022
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When you dial up a bootleg pass and you see the defense is about to bring pressure, that is normally not a good feeling. Typically you call a bootleg pass when you think you have the defense is over playing your run game. Pressure off of the edges is not what you want to see. Having a bootleg pass pressure plan, however, can give you a chance to salvage the play.

You do the necessary background check before you call it. The input from the box and from your tackles or tight ends tells you the defensive end is not staying home. You understand that if the defense is cheating, your run game will suffer.

If you can just get your athletic (or not) quarterback on the edge, good things can happen. So you let it rip and send the bootleg pass call into the game. Unbeknownst to you, the defensive coordinator, on the other side of the field, had different thoughts in his head. He has decided that it is time to heat you up off of the edge.

It’s scenarios like this that make football fun. We can game plan and scheme all we want. We can self scout, opponent scout, and play every percentage and tendency we have at our disposal. At the end of the day both the offensive and the defensive coordinators can call what ever they want to.

This brings us to todays point. If you have a bootleg pass pressure plan you can still have a good play. There are several ways to handle this situation if you are the offensive play caller. If you have a well oiled passing attack, you can check to a quick hot or sight. This pressure plan can not only result in a solution but possibly a big play.

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If you are not as strong with your passing game, you can stay with the bootleg pass. When you do this, it is still important for all of your players involved to understand that pressure is coming. Your quarterback will need to abort the fake and lose ground as they take the snap. The quickest and shortest route will be the best answer for a target.

Your Bootleg Pass Pressure Plan Must Tie Into Your Backside Run Blocking

The receiver, back or tight end that has this route must understand that your quarterback is going to need an answer quickly. This will mean that they should not drift down field. They also should be ready to slide into the open window for your quarterback. Your quarterback will need to negotiate the edge rusher.

When this type of play occurs, it’s normally the more detailed of the two coaches who wins that snap. The detail involves having a plan for the unexpected. Today we have made a short youtube video where we take a look at some of the things that you can do to prepare your offense for edge pressure when you have a bootleg pass called.