Simple Jumbo Formation Lead Strong

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 14, 2022

The FirstDown PlayBook Jumbo formation contains a lot of characteristics you need to teach football fundamentals. With Jumbo, you have the luxury of having a tight end and a wing. When you stop and think about it, this is at the core of most perimeter run game plays.

Your Jumbo formation forces the defense to adjust. If they do not you have a healthy list of ways to get the ball to the edge. If the defense adjusts then it allows you to look for a weakness inside. The fact that you have two backs in the backfield gives you a threat inside too. Jumbo gives you that downhill pop and the perimeter attack as well.

The Jumbo formation is like any other youth football offense, in that it is going to be best for you if your personnel allows you to run it. In this case, a Fullback who can act almost as your third Guard is key. This is important because the fullback will create an extra gap inside. It is up to the defense to find where you are inserting your fullback.

Some defenses will overplay your Jumbo formation wing side. When this happens, a good changeup is a nice simple downhill lead play. As you can see on this play diagram, you have good numbers to run this play. You have a blocker for every defender except the backside corner and the free safety.

You will want to include bootleg pass or two to help hold the corner. If the quarterback will just keep the ball a time or two that will eliminate the corner on this lead play. The Free Safety? Well the Tailback has to make one defender miss right?