Youth Football Toss Sweep

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 16, 2022

This youth football toss sweep is a perfect example of how a detailed drawing can help your young players. The first thing to note is that we have drawn this play up against a 5-3 defense. There is nothing that guarantees this is the defensive front you are going to see in a game, no matter how many times you practice against it.

The defense gets to run the scheme that they want to. You better have rules and the knowledge of how to block different fronts. If not your kids are going to come back to the sideline looking at you like you are crazy. This is why FirstDown PlayBook blocks all of our plays up vs six different defenses.

In this particular toss sweep play there are several key coaching points that you should each:

1. This Is A Toss Sweep.

This ball is getting tossed. The ball is going to get outside quickly and so will the corner and linebackers. The F must go to a point outside of the corner before he squares up on him. The fullback will then take an aiming point on the outside part of the shoulder pads of the corner. This is important to emphasize or you will have a kickoff block on your hands every time.

2. There Are 2 Zone Blocks On This Play (vs a 5-3).

They must understand the same thing. The LB’s are going to fly outside so the  Z and the center must not spend much time on the lineman. They need to get off of the double team and get up to a point WHERE THE LB IS GOING. NOT WHERE HE IS.

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The Y and the Guards need to understand this also as they need to take over their block faster than normal because the ball is being tossed.

3. The Running Back Is Key On This Youth football Toss Sweep

This may be the most important coaching point of all. The Tailback must make his blockers right. He must get outside so that the LB’s and Corner react the way that his blockers expect. His blockers should not have to worry as much about LB’s running underneath the blocks if the ball is tossed outside fast enough.

The ball carrier can cut up field on this toss sweep but not until he first gets the LB’s to flow. Note that this same blocking scheme could be used if you handed the ball off and then you would teach the blocks a lot differently.

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In no way is this as much detail as is required to teach this play properly. There has been no mention of footwork and technique in this article. Obviously if you are going to coach this play correctly you must know what to tell your players about how they should step and what to do with their hands when blocking a defender.