Quarterback Counter Weak

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 29, 2022

We were going back through our files this weekend and discovered that over the past 10 years we have lost some plays along the way. It happens. This quarterback counter appears to have been one of the casualties. So we decided to redraw it for you today.

Before we get into this though, we want to take a little peek into the future for you and FirstDown PlayBook. We have spent a lot of time in 2022 on upgrading your technology. We have made a ton of progress in this area. If you have not taken the time to use some of it, you should before your season starts. It will be immensely helpful for you and your playbook work.

Starting in July FirstDown PlayBook will return to our weekly installs. As most of you know that means detailed football play schemes and defenses like this quarterback counter. All of these will come with coaching points and player assignments. The obvious huge difference in what we do is that you can edit all of this and use it in your football playbook.

See How The Buffalo Bills Run Josh Allen On Their QB Counter

Back to this quarterback counter. Running quarterbacks have never been more popular in high school and college than they are today. Heck we even see it in the NFL with quarterbacks that you would have never risked injury with ten years ago. Josh Allen comes to mind when we write this.Granted when you dial up your quarterback’s number, you immediately have evened the numbers.

When you line up in 11 personnel like this quarterback counter does, you are a pass threat. This might get you a 2 deep look like we have here. Even if it does not you are in good shape. Your backside tackle can sift up to the second level because the end will likely widen for the sweep.

Some of you will notice that we have the center pulling here. We don’t think that is that crazy these days. You could obviously block your center back on the 3 technique. Pulling the guard is the traditional way to do it. However that is a long way for the center to travel to block the 3 technique. A good 3 technique can ruin this play if they get in the pulling guard’s back pocket.

You can also incorporate a bubble screen to the two receiver side if you wish. There are multiple ways to make this a part of an RPO gameplay if your quarterback can handle all of the options. Finally, before we sign off for today, that H could start outside of the X and run a jet sweep. All of you 49er fans know all about that though, don’t you?