Pistol Wing T & Spread Option Installs

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 30, 2021

FirstDown PlayBook has some very good news for our Wing T and Spread Option coaches. We will begin installing more playbook content to both of these areas. These areas are kind of new but not. Here is what we mean. We already have robust Wing T and FlexBone areas in FirstDown PlayBook. The new Pistol Wing T and Spread Option installs will expand these two offenses a little for you.

FirstDown PlayBook loves this time of the year. It is when we can get back to our FirstDown PlayBook installations. This is a critical time of year for a high school or youth football coach. Many of you are finished for this season and want to immediately get back to work getting better.

This work might be to make adjustments for your next season. It can also take the form of an interview for a promotion, or a new job. There is no shame in that this time of the year. The way you present yourself and your ideas will have a lot to do with your chances at the new job or promotion.

Add The Gun Wing T Slide Naked Pass To Your Call Sheet

FirstDown PlayBook has reached out to some of the industry leaders who run the Pistol Wing T and Spread Option. Many have gotten back to us and we have also done a lot of the research ourselves. We will continue to draw every play up against multiple defenses and include coaching points and player assignments. These offenses are called many things when you start researching it.

Bang On The Pistol Wing T Or Spread Option Drawings To Learn More

The Pistol Wing T is called the Gun Wing T, the Spread Wing T and several other names. As we mentioned before the Spread Option game has many fancy names created by very talented offensive coordinators. Most of the principles remain the same. That is what we aim to capture with these two installs.

Of course, you all know the secret sauce by now. Yes, FirstDown PlayBook provides you with all of this but we don’t want to coach your football team. Everything we provide you with in FirstDown PlayBook is in an editable format. In other words, we just save you time drawing your playbook.

So if you are one of the fortunate football coaches who are still playing, our hats are off to you. If not, then we want to kick start your off season with the Spread Option and Gun Wing T installs. Want to know how to find them? Just bang here or on either of the play drawings to watch a short video.