Peel Pressure Let’s You “Cheat”

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 7, 2022
FirstDown PlayBook Defensive Pressure Has Tons Of Help For Any Football Coach

The defensive peel pressure we are highlighting today is one of our favorites. If it is coached with detail, it gives you a chance to get 6 man pressure, while still being sound with your coverage. This peek pressure itself is unique. This version of Under Saint Peel 0 gives you four rushers to the guard bubble side.

Most of the time the Sam linebacker to that side will be a drop player into coverage. When that defender rushes and the strong safety comes as well, it is usually a problem for protection. So when you do this you are bringing two defenders who normally cover. You must find a way to “cheat” a little somewhere else.

That somewhere else is with the weak side defensive end on a peel rush. When you dial up a peel pressure defense and you assign a defensive end to “peel” responsibility you do it to surprise the quarterback. You are betting that the quarterback could be totally surprised  as he lets the ball go and there is a different colored jersey standing there.

However, when you call a peel pressure there are details that must be coached up well on defense. If not you will have the offense’s best player running down the field uncovered with the ball in his hand. Being able to make adjustments is essential to running a defense.

This FirstDown PlayBook pressure is called Under Saint Peel 0. The defensive end away from the pressure to peel if the running back releases away from the pressure. Today we take you through how we coach up not only the defensive end and his peel technique but also the linebacker who shares responsibility on that running back.

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When you call this pressure it’s not only important that the running back is covered, but your contain rush cannot be compromised either. This requires that your linebacker and defensive end play football with their eyes as well as their legs. Watch this short video to learn more.

FirstDown PlayBook Defensive Pressure Has Tons Of Help For Any Football Coach